Brewery Open Book Management Course

In this course, you'll learn how to evaluate, implement, and execute an open book management program for your brewery. 

Employees are more motivated, engaged, and productive when they are treated as business partners (who commonly have access to financial data) instead of employees. In these uncertain times, more information can provide employees with more certainty to make better decisions.



"If you are like me, you spent your formative years under the impression that sales would drive profits and profits would pay the bills. Kary’s information is the cliff notes version of an MBA in financial management I wish I had 20 years ago."

David Fields
Former President, Consolidated Beverages


Financial literacy training tools for your team

Learn the proven process to deliver financial training to your employees.

Strategies for bonus plans that work

How to set goals and structure bonus programs for your employees.

Open book management keys to success

Best practices, lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid when implementing OBM.

Brewery Open Book Management

Open book management is a system to share financial information with employees so that they can make more informed decisions that affect the brewery business. In this course you'll learn how to evaluate, implement and run OBM in your business.