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For Breweries, Beer Wholesalers, Cideries, Distilleries, and Wineries


Benefits You Can Count On

Our training is perfect for beverage business owners, managers and staff who need practical financial training to improve financial results. Our financial training program provides you with straight-forward, actionable tactics to build a stronger and more profitable company.

Financial Training for Breweries

The Brewery Financial Training Membership is for craft brewery owners, managers and staff who need practical financial training so that they can improve financial results in their business.

The courses are taught by a CPA with over 20 years of experience working in the beer business as a chief financial officer. Course materials include only proven and effective real-world ideas and tactics.



Top 10 Benefits of our Financial Training Courses:

...using the latest financial techniques you will learn in the course. My 20+ years experience as a CFO in the beverage industry means you will learn my secrets for success during normal times and these trying times.

...with proven, easy to implement financial techniques and tactics.

...through on-demand, online video training — a comfortable medium that your team is familiar with. 

...financial planning, implementation, and tracking techniques.

...through the use of proven and easy to implement money-saving tactics. 

...with easily digestible learning topics. Students demonstrate they learned the concepts before moving to the next topic with graded quizzes.

...with accountability through multiple quizzes and a final exam to pass the course.

...by investing in professional development. Students will appreciate that management (you!) has invested in them with this critical financial learning program.

...as Warren Buffet said, "by far the best investment you can make is in yourself". An investment in our financial training will provide a high return on your income statement. 

...if you’re not completely satisfied let us know within 60 days of purchase and you'll get a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. 

Our Course Offerings


The Brewery Financial Training Membership is for craft brewery owners, managers and staff who need practical financial training to improve financial results.



The Beer Wholesaler Financial Training Program is designed specifically for those in the beer distribution business to help improve profits and cash flow. 



The Cidery Financial Training Program includes practical and proven financial planning tips, tactics, and strategies to build a stronger cidery business. 


About Kary Shumway

My name is Kary Shumway. I’m a CPA, former CFO for a beer distributor and current CFO for Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, MA.

I’ve spent the last 20 years using finance to help improve financial results in our beer business. Now, I’m helping other craft breweries do the same.

“My latest financial training program has been developed on the Kajabi learning platform in order to deliver the easiest to use and using best practices for learning this content. I have designed this specifically for non-financial people who have the responsibility of either managing or contributing to the success of a beverage-related business such as breweries, beer wholesalers, cideries, distilleries, and cideries.”

— Kary Shumway, CPA, owner and lead financial trainer for Kary’s Financial Training

"Am I properly managing keg inventory? How do I build a safety program? How do I manage cash flow? Just ask Kary Shumway. He has an answer and also a real gift for simplifying the beer business with solutions you can easily put into action."

Keith Gribbins
Editor, Craft Brewing Business

"[Kary Shumway’s] Craft Brewery Finance is one of my go-to resources for substantive advice. Across a broad range of fields — not only finance but sales, marketing, planning, and strategy — Kary provides a steady stream of thoughtful and concise guidance to help us navigate the complexities of the beer industry."

Rob Lightner
East Brother Beer Company

"[Kary] reinforces the need for a disciplined approach to the business side of our business. The benchmarks shared in these articles can serve as guideposts for decisions that either strengthen a brewery’s footing or help drive the business forward by identifying and investing in areas that add the most value."

Erol Moe
Co-Founder, Stoneface Brewing Co.

"If you are like me, you spent your formative years under the impression that sales would drive profits and profits would pay the bills. Kary’s information is the cliff notes version of an MBA in financial management I wish I had 20 years ago."

David Fields
Former President, Consolidated Beverages

"Kary’s Brewery Financial Training Program has helped me as the leader to dive into our financials and get a specific, realistic understanding of each of our reports. Thanks to Kary we have put into place a weekly cash flow scorecard for our senior leadership team. In addition, I’d recommend this course to any level of brewery finance employee as well as every owner or key leader in your company."

Karen Hertz
Chief Brewista, Holidaily Brewing Co.

"The class has allowed me to really dive deeper into the numbers and how to apply them accordingly. It's allowing me to make the necessary adjustments within our operations to make sure that we are running more efficiently and profitable. A lot of great insight that will make the transition into a bigger project less stressful. Thanks for offering such a great class."

Kevin Youkilis
Loma Brewing Company

"I highly recommend the Brewery Financial Training Program to anyone currently running a craft brewery or wanting to start up their own operation. Brewing delicious beer must be paired with strong financial management if a craft brewery is to succeed. This course provides a practical, easy-to-implement blueprint for managing the business, measuring progress, and keeping the cash flow moving. Plus, you’ll get great insider tips from Kary on working with bankers, improving margins, and growing the bottom line. In short, this is a great investment."

Travis Rivers Hopkins
USFSP Brewing Arts Graduate

Brewery Financial Training Membership

The Brewery Financial Training Membership is perfect for brewery owners and managers who are focused on creating great beer and a great beer business. Our financial training program provides you with straight-forward, actionable tactics to build a stronger and more profitable company.


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